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Refinement for refined wines

With Damy Cooperage you can customize your barrels through laser engraving of the barrel heads with your logo, the name of your cuvée or any other information of your choice. You can also have colored galvanized hoops to give your cellar a special touch.


Constant innovation


Understanding the market and closely working with wine-makers nationwide, Damy Cooperage carefully selects the best stave-wood and uses innovative toasting to create and offer a new barrel every year.

Wood: a noble material

Synonymous with quality wine, ageing in oak barrels is now praised by winegrowers, oenologists, cellar masters and consumers.

We select the best oak from the most beautiful French and foreign forests to meet your criteria and make your wines exceptional products.


Rubis: when innovation meets tradition

Carefully selecting French oak and using a special toasting technique, our Rubis barrel is specially made for your red wines.

See description


Estrella is exclusively made for Rhodanian grape varieties and more particularly for Syrah and Grenache.

See description

Exclusive: our exceptional limited series

For both white and red wines and available in limited number of barrels, our Exclusive series is made of a carefully selected fine-grained stave-wood, naturally dried from 24 to 36 months and coming from the best French oak wood.

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Bordeaux French oak barrels (225 liters) and Burgundy export and tradition French oak barrels (228 liters)

Traditional manufacturing with curving and oak toasting, certified CTB “Fût de Tradition Française”.

Available oak species:

  • French: Allier, Vosges, Nièvre, Burgundy;
  • American: Tennessee;
  • Eastern European: Hungary.

Available toasting upon request:

  • Exclusive;
  • Medium;
  • Medium plus;
  • Heavy.

Our barrel range: from 265 liters to 820 liters

265-liter barrel
300-liter barrel
350-liter barrel
400-liter barrel
450-liter barrel
500-liter barrel
600-liter barrel
700-liter barrel
820-liter barrel

Feel free to contact us if you wish a particular barrel.

Brand new barrels: our tips

Upon delivery

Store your barrels in close, odorless places away from drafts;
The minimum humidity level must be of 65%;
A barrel, wrapped in its protective film as delivered, can be kept for several months;
Sulphuring of new barrels is unnecessary and strongly discouraged: it can lead to a reduction before methionol fermentation.

First use

All barrels are delivered ready to use. However, it is still recommended to check each barrel carefully by:

Pouring 20 to 30 liters of hot water into the barrel;
Shaking the barrel up and down to moisten the inside. Then letting it vertical for the water to stay an hour or two on each head.

That way, using minimum water, your barrel is properly set.


A wine thief remains the best tool to test wine. However, doing so while wood and wine are still melting is a mistake. Wood melts away with ageing!

In case of an emergency

All new barrels have a one-year guarantee. However, as any living material, oak wood can have some flaws. Act quickly once noticing:

A wormhole: first, shape a small piece of oak into a pencil lead; then place the tip of the piece into the hole; finally, cut it as close to the stave as possible.
A small node: use tallow (or similar fat) on the oozing part to stop it from leaking.
Porosity at the end of a stave (chamfer): drive the tip of a nail going with the grain of the wood and place the tip of a small piece of oak previously shaped as a pencil lead; cut it as close to the stave as possible. Gently sand by hand.